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2005 Baseball Predictions
March 31, 2005

This month the United States Congress held its baseball steroid hearings to see who abused steroids, and to my relief, no one in baseball did. Or at least they couldn’t remember that they did, which is good enough for me. Meanwhile, I was in the hospital getting my annual jumpstart with an IV steroid infusion for three days. These are the steroids that many of my fellow MS'ers sometimes take to even things out. It was while under the influence of these steroids that I made my predictions for the coming baseball season. If all my picks turn out to be right, I think they shouldn’t count because they were probably induced by performance enhancing drugs, and in baseball I think that's illegal. But anyway, here they are.

National League

West Central East
Padres Cardinals Braves
Dodgers Astros Mets
Giants Reds Marlins
Diamondbacks Cubs Phillies
Rockies Pirates Nationals





American League

West Central East
Angels Twins Red Sox
Rangers Indians Yankees
Athletics Tigers Orioles
Mariners White Sox Devil Rays
Royals Blue Jays




World Series:
I am withholding my picks for the World Series until after the first pennant is clinched.

MVP’s and Cy Young Awards:
Sometimes I predict these, and sometimes I don’t. I was going to do it this year, but the steroids wouldn’t let me. Maybe later.

How I picked them:

National League West

San Diego Padres: I really believe they've got a good organization, or at least a young organization that can be good. In this division that may be all you need.

L.A Dodgers:
They don't have Adrian Beltra, but they've got J.D. Drew for $1 million less. Will this make them better, or a million dollars worse? General Manager Paul DePodesta thinks not, and he's a genius. So who am I to argue?

San Francisco Giants:
Bonds says he won't play till midseason or next season. Some people think he will back in May. The whole team is suffering a midlife crisis and reality should catch up with them. Third place.

Arizona Diamondbacks
: Former Angel Troy Glaus should have a great year, and former Dodger Shawn Green hits great in the "BOB." Pitching is weak, and Russ Ortiz won't make anyone forget he’s not Randy Johnson.

Colorado Rockies:
They should be good in about three years, but these predictions are for this year.

National League Central

St. Louis Cardinals: Not as strong as they were last year, but in this division that’s all you need.

Houston Astros:
They've got Clemens and Pettitte, but they’ve lost Beltran and Kent, and Biggio and Bagwell are finally a year older. Second place is about as good as it gets.

Cincinnati Reds:
They've always been better than Milwaukee and Pittsburgh, but now they can be better than the Cubs.

Chicago Cubs:
Wood and Prior are great pitchers, but will they be healthy? And what about Nomar for this year? Fourth place.

Pittsburgh Pirates:
This should be the 12th year in their 13 year rebuilding program. They have come a long way. Good luck!
Milwaukee Brewers: Maybe they’d be better if they went back to the American League. They have done nothing in the National.

National League East

Atlanta Braves: I'll pick the Braves as long as they have Schuerholz and Cox and Chipper and Smoltz and Hudson and Franco and on and on...

New York Mets: I know they spent a lot of money on "Pedro,” “Beltran” and "Benson," but they still remind me of the Baltimore Orioles. I don't know how, but maybe this time they'll get it right. Second!

Florida Marlins: They've got some pitching and a good infield, but Jack McKeon is the oldest manager in baseball and this year it should catch up with him.

Philadelphia Phillies: Bowa is gone and Manuel is here, so now the Phillies can play up to their potential - fourth place.

Washington Nationals: Everybody loves the Washington Nationals, including Washington, but love only gets you so far. In this case it's fifth place.

American League West

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: No matter what you call them, this is a team of depth and strength and a good organization. They should have no trouble winning the west.

Texas Rangers: A bad team became a lot better thanks to manager Buck Showalter and pitching coach Orel Hershiser. To do it again this year, they must once again overachieve.

Oakland A's: They are not as good as last year without Hudson and Muldar. Billy Bean is always up to something, but nothing higher than third place.

Seattle Mariners: Maybe the best last place team in baseball. Beltra, Sexon and Ichiro will make things happen. Now if only one of them could pitch!

America League Central

Minnesota Twins: The little team that does things right. They sure have taught major league baseball a lesson.
Cleveland Indians: It will be fun to see this team contend. They should surprise.

Detroit Tigers: This team must really think it can win, they’ve spent enough money. But I don't think they’ve fixed their weakness - pitching!

Chicago White Sox:
This year they think they've got it right, but they've been wrong before.

Kansas City Royals: Tony Pena still has great enthusiasm, but unfortunately the Royals still have a lot of holes.

American League East

Boston Red Sox: It's been 10 years since the Red Sox finished in first place and won their division. This year they should be good enough to finish first, and with any luck they’ll win the World Series. Why not? They did last year!

New York Yankees: All that money for a wild card.
Baltimore Orioles: Sammy Sosa, Miguel Tejada and Sidney Ponson, but they are still the Orioles. No higher than third place.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays: They have some really talented kids, but manager Lou Piniella had better be patient for at least five years.

Toronto Blue Jays: This team doesn't excite me. Maybe they've got a plan that I just don't know about.